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Hello everyone, I had my first pacmaker put in on Saturday April 27th for bradycardia. I get the staples out next week and was wondering if anyone here who puts in a lot of miles bicycling can let me know what to expect and when I might be able to resume. 



by AgentX86 - 2019-05-10 13:38:59

First, what did your EP tell you about exercise? That's what you should go by, not a bunch of strangers who aren't doctors and don't know your history.  That said, my EP just said no gym for the first month, no raising my and above the shoulder, reaching behind my back, or lifting more than five pounds, for that first month. I started back with my walking, except the treadmill (gym exception above), on the second day.

Like AgentX86 said

by Hoser - 2019-05-10 20:29:06

Just follow your EP’s instructions.

One thing you will probably run into is having the settings on your new pacemaker adjusted to recognize when you are exercising. Most pacemakers have this setting, and sometimes cycling can be difficult to detect. 

Bicycle work and PMs

by crustyg - 2019-05-17 13:07:22

Cycling is difficult for a rate-adaptive PM unless it can detect breathing rate.  There's not much that a PM can go on to determine that you need a greater HR (hence greater bloodflow to big muscles), as most cyclists are fairly smooth in their action - standing on the pedals is not something that you can do for very long.

Getting your rate-adaptive PM properly set for cycling is the second challenge - and when mine is done I'm happy to share.....

So unless you have some mechanism to help tell your PM that it needs to increase you HR for cycling, you will probably find that you go really well until you hit the first proper hill and then your legs start to feel weak (lack of adequate bloodflow) - BUT, cycle away and enjoy what you can do.  If it's not enough talk to your physician/EP and PM tech and see if you can get a higher HR when you need it on your bike.

I have SSS with a resting rate around 38bpm, and currently a max of about 110 which isn't nearly enough.  You might be similar.

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