Cardiac event recorder

I have recently been given a cardiac event recorder for a 7 day observation of arrythmias that I experience despite having a St Jude dual chamber pacemaker. Since being wired up to this new device my resting pulse rate has consistently recorded 80 bpm. My pacemaker was set at 55 bpm as a minimum and has been consistent at that level when I am resting for more than 6 months. Interestingly I have not experienced any arrythmias although my heart rate now is 25 bpm more than the original settings. Is it possible that the Cardiac Event recorder has interferred with my pacemaker settings - Has anyone got any thoughts on this ?


I highly doubt it.

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-10 21:29:02

Talk to your EP. My bet is that you pacemaker settings were changed, for some reason.

resting rate

by Tracey_E - 2019-05-14 14:53:04

A lower limit of 55 means the pacer won't let you get lower than that. If your rate is higher, either the settings have been changed or your heart is doing that all on its own. The pacer is a gas pedal, not a brake.If the heart goes faster, it just watches.

Monitors tell a lot more than a pacer interrogation. All the interrogation shows is how often we pace and things it's set to catch like episodes of afib. The monitor will tell what your heart is doing all the time, not just when the pacer is pacing. 

Cardiac event recorder

by satnavstan - 2019-05-14 16:23:53

Thanks Tracey _E and Agent X86 for your comments. My pacemaker has not been subject to any changes from my EP for some 6 months ; the lower setting of 55bpm has been consistent when resting... this changed when fitted up with "cardiac event recorder" after which I was consistenly 80 bpm when resting... I have since had the event recorder device removed and am now back to 55bpm when resting... so I suppose I have now answered that question myself . There must have been some sort of interaction between the 2 devices


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