Still Don't Understand ECG

Hello all.  I did a search on Left axis deviation and still don't understand.  In elementary terms could someone please explain what  Left Axis Deviation means?  Yesterday, my cardio sent me to the heart hosp. ER where I had an ECG in the ER for a strange combo of symptoms and don't know how to interpret the ECG.   Am assuming that the Left Bundle Branch Block is the reason for my PM.  However, I don't know what LAD means.  My Ventricular Rate was 97 bpm (I was a tad anxious about my symptoms - a lot of presyncopes).  PR int 160 ms, QRS duration was 130 ms.  QT/QTc was 372/472 and P-R-T axes were 70, -59, and 74.  Any insight into how to interpret?  As PM  ECG's go, is this fairly typical?  Thank you in advance!


Ask the right question

by Gotrhythm - 2019-05-18 15:37:01

There's nothing wrong with going over every word in test results. I do it too, and look up every word I don't know. But interpreting ECG is a medical speciality of its own. Each of the 12 leads in "looking" at your heart from a different direction. Whether a finding is significant depends on other findings.

I certainly don't know enough to try to explain LAD in context.

What I found noteworthy in your post was "Am assuming the the Left Bundle Branch Block is the reason for my PM." (emphasis added.)

Before cudgeling your brains over an ECG, you need to know--from the doctor's mouth--what your diagnosis was that neccessitated the pacemaker. And if it was LBBB, you need to understand exactly what kind of pacemaker you have, and what that pacemaker does to fix the problem.

Cudos on asking questions. Since I was totally ignorant about pacemakers, the hardest part for me was figuring out what question to ask. Pacemaker Club has helped me again and again to find the right question to get at what I wanted/needed to know.

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