Does changing settings contribute to more oxygen flow to brain and reduce "foggy brain" feelings?


I am wondering if any of you PM carrier, have headaches? Suffering from headaches? Have suffered from headache related to your PM. Aka. occur after the PM was installed, in a shorter, or longer period(monts/years)? But did get well after some adjustments or other actions.

The headache is more of "foggy head" and have more a tension headache character than a normal headache.

I had my PM turned off in dec 2018. And turned back on in May 2019. In that period, between the dates. I had none or verry little headache. And dident suffer from it. I have had the headaches in 7 years before the PM was turned off. 

Now when they turned the PM back on. My headache condition is back.

Im wondering about settings. Many people here, writes about the base rate. It should be close to the normal rate.

Mine is set in VVI 40 ppm. Im wondering if it is to low? It feels like I dont get enough oxygen to my head. And it feels like it is an tension on/in the chest. My normal ppm rate is close to 70 (when Im working). I only have the PM for backup if my pulse gets to low. So I dont suffering from any heart condition. Just AV block from syncope(fainting).

Have any one changed the sensing rate to less sensitive (higher Volt settings for sensing parameter). What did that change do for you?

thanks in advance!


Changing settings.

by Gotrhythm - 2019-05-16 18:17:23

I'm not totally sure what you're asking.

I have experienced relief from headaches when the settings were changed. The changes were needed because I had developed Type I heart block which caused a syncopal episode.

A base rate of 40 bpm sounds low to me since it is my understanding that in cases of heart block the pacemaker's job is to keep the ventricles beating in sync with the artria. It's heard for me to see what good the pacemaker would be doing if the atria was clicking along at 70 bpm but the pacemaker wouldn't fire if the ventrical rate was 45. That's a big discrepancy and I don't think it would feel very good. But my diagnosis of heart block is relatively new and I really don't know much about it yet.

It seems to me that the person to consult is your doctor.  Ask him/her what the treatment goal is for setting the base at 40. And if you think changing it would possibly make a difference, don't be shy about asking for it to be changed.

All hearts are not the same and all people do not react the same way to settings. Trial and error is often the only way to figure out which settings are optimal for you.

Settings can always be changed and if the change doesn't work, they can always be changed back.


Changing settings...

by a_model - 2019-05-25 06:56:21


I have been at the hospital to make some changes now. The sensing was set to bipolar instead of unipolar for the electrodes.

The result were, that the pacemaker did get less sensitive for enviroment EMF after this setting. Becouse the magnetic field in the area of the PM (around the PM and electrodes in my body) are now smaller, just around the tip of the electrode instead the hole system (PM + electrodes). So the outside EMF and the EMF inside my body does not interfear each other as much.

The result is, I feel less magnetic resonance in my chest, head and spine (CNS).

So that is verry nice. And if anyone else recognice these trubles with their PM. Here's a tip then, regarding PM settings!

And I want to point out, I have had this "fight" with my doctor for SEVEN YEARS!!! That's crazy! And it have make my life a total misery all 24 houers every day all years. Regarding pain, fatigue, poor sleeping and a lot of other bad conditions during this period and affected my work and relationships.

And it did get to the point where you have to get the knowledge your selfe and not listening to what any one else is telling you. And command the doctor to make the changes instead that the doctor, listens to your conserns and there after make the changes. I guess Im to naive and did trust the healthcare to much.

The problem with to sensitive PM is nothing new or just regarding some PM carriers. There are a lot of research and reports during the years to read and is even described in the technical description for the PM model and brand.

I have told them my poor conditions every time I was in for a routine control. And alot of other attemt to get some help regarding my troubles. But they deny that it had anything with the PM to do and even told me that it was just in my head.

And when I told the doctor I want to set the sensing to bipolar. The doctor told me that it is already bipolar, until I protest and force him to look it up in the programmer. Then it was in black and white, that it were in unipolar sensing.

Just a last comment. The doctor responible for this PM monotoring and surgery, is chief of medicine at the clinic and have researched in this area for over 40 years and also published som books about PM conditions...


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