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As a new member - this is first post - pacemaker was installed October 9, 2015. The reason for post is -- had an ablation on Febuary 5, 2019.  Since ablation I have been experiencing instances of assume term is pacing.  On Tuesday, May 5, 2019 had follow up with Doc.  He reset pulse rate from 60 to 75 and made other adjustments to pacemaker.  The pacing has continued.  Did not experience pacing until after the ablation.  Is this a normal occurrence?  Also, have acid reflex that can give similar symptoms or so I have been told.  My question is twofold:  is this typical to have pacing after an ablation and does acid reflux cause or influence pacing?


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by Redhound - 2019-05-14 10:40:48

oops, date of follow up meeting with doc was May, 7 NOT May 5.  Guess a bit nervous dong initial post! 


by Tracey_E - 2019-05-14 14:47:30

Why did you get the pacer if you don't need to pace? That's why we get them, to pace when we need it. Acid reflux would not influence pacing. Pacing happens when our rate dips too low or doesn't go up enough on exertion. If you've just had an ablation, the heart is going to need to heal so strange feelings for a while are to be expected.

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