last ablation to be 100% pacemaker dependaent/ failed.

Had first ablation in june 2017.  Pacemaker Oct. 2018 and final ablation to make me 100% pacemakerdependent  the end of march 2019.

Haven't been right since I left hosp.  Cardiologist told me yesterday that all my symptoms, and hospitalizations recently which the Dr;s thought was that I had a slight heart attack, proved false was the following fact:

In reality, this last ablation has failed and I need it redone.  have anyone of you been in this situation?

Since the day I left the hosp. I haven't been right, I feel everyday,  as if my body was in electrical shock.

Some days so bad with afib, bradycardia, shortness of breath, tremors, leg cramps etc. which has sent me to er, been in ICU and in Cardiac Unit at major hosp. for 6 day.- no findings, had the Dr's.s scrathing their head.  lowered my pacemaker rate which helped some, but still not righ

the cardioligist,feels another ablation should work and with being 100% the pacemaker should take over the work keeping the heart maintained and I should be fine.  I see the heart surgeon who has performed all my proceedures on May 29th to see where we go from here.

iIn the meantime, if you have gone through this and could share your experience, I'd appreciate  it. 

Thanks for you input, Boots


3 ablations?

by Selwyn - 2019-05-15 12:35:28

I had three ablations. One for flutter, two for atrial fibrillation. 

I can still get AF if I push the boundaries too much. 

Of course there is disappointment both by yourself and with the surgeon.

The whole thing depends on computer mapping of the electrical activity of your heart. This can vary on the day! ( Oh dear!!!). The actual ablation is done in spots, to sort of make an insulation fence around the pulmonary veins. As in any situation it is possible to have gaps in the insulation fence resulting in the odd arrhythmia should a focus of electrical activity appear in that area. Hopefully, the fewer the gaps, the less chance of an arrhythmia, however, as this is a spot procedure to create a line of defence, the procedure is imperfect in the best hands. 

I still get some palpitations and little runs of AF, however I am off all heart meds. and my quality of life has improved.  You must balance the risks of repeat procedures against these gains.

Ablations, ablations, ablations

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-15 14:30:06

I had three left atrial ablations, all failed,  for atypical atrial flutter. A month after the last I had an AV ablation and pacemaker implanted, which left me dependent. It's been better since but not perfect (bigeminy PVCs, at times). Since my ventricles are completely disconnected from my atria,  I can't have Bradycardia, Aflutter, or Afib. Well, I'm in flutter 100% of the time but it can't break through to the ventricles, so I "can't " feel it.

Question: you don't explain your ablations well. Exactly what sort of ablations? Was one an AVnode ablation? Since you're PM dependent, are you being paced VVI(R)? Or perhaps your SI node was damaged? Why are you dependent? Something isn't making sense, here. Something has been lost in translation.

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