Hello to everyone. I recently flew and showed my pacemaker card and they took me back to do a pat down as not to go thru security device. On the way back at the Las Vegas airport they made me go thru the security and would not even look at my pacemaker card. I have a dual lead with a defibulator and I received a first class shock. What I need to know can this have affected my pacemaker settings. I have a Medtronic pacemaker 100% dependant. Does anyone have an answer??
Thanks ponyrider 62.


Should be no problem

by bowlrbob - 2007-05-29 08:05:28

I have always heard that if you just walk through the metal detector and don't stop for a period of time there should be no problem. I went to the Medtronic site and they have a printed article there that says that very thing. It states that just going through the detector will not reset or turn off your pacer. It might set it off how ever and if it does they will probably wand you or pat you down. The wand also won't bother it as long as they don't just stay over the site. So I wouldn't worry but if you still are check with your DR. Bowlrbob


by brokenheart - 2007-05-29 09:05:08

Hi. Those idiots...if something happens to you, go back and tell some one at the ariport so they can be more careful next time. People have different experiences. Me..i cant even get close to the metal detector because my heart starts fluttering and i feel chest pain right away. Just make sure u always carry your card with you and demand the respect that u deserve. I also have medtronic macemaker. If you are feeling weird just call your doc to make sure everything is ok with your pacemaker. hope this helps. God bless.

i am appalled

by jessie - 2007-05-29 11:05:53

i was in alaska last week and i was treated with respect and very lightly checked bodily for weapons maybe but absolutely great people who immediately took me aside and checked me. i wasn't even asked for the card. i too have a medtronic. all i was asked in seattle was would my husband watch my purse. very professional. i would complain and write a registered letter to the airport authority.jessie

I am with the rest of the group!!

by swilson10 - 2007-05-30 02:05:07

I too am totally appalled by this and would definitely contact airport staff to file a complaint. This is unacceptable. I think that just like many other unacceptable things in our society the only way we can change them is to take action!!! If there is going to be some amount of risk taking in going through the metal detectors then I fully believe that the only person who gets to decide about if the risk is worth it is the patients !! Also, of course check with your doctor if you are concerned about any damage or alteration to the ICD.

Las Vegas Airport

by ted - 2007-05-30 06:05:34

I'm really surprised by your experience. I fly into and out of Las Vegas at least twice a month and have never been even asked for my pacemaker card. I just tell them I have a pacer, put my stuff, except wallet and money, on the belt, and then go into the handicapped line for a pat down. I have had some bad experiences at several Las Vegas courthouses where some gun tooting cowboy security guards jump up with a wand before I can stop them. They have refused to allow me to enter the building and I have to raise hell and scream for a supervisor. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accomodation me made for us. Insist on your right to be free from interference with your health. My doctor does not want me to go through security devises or have a wand search me no matter how safe the manufacturer says it is. Ted

our rights

by jessie - 2007-05-31 12:05:27

i too am appalled. i wouldn't do it if they insisted. it is totally inappropriate and more teaching is needed. i flew for the first time to seattle and had no problems whatsoever. i can just picture the gun tooting cowboy security guards lol lol soo this totally surprizes me but i will be ready no matter what. at least now somewhat prepared and i would in noo way walk thru the devise or let them use a wand no thank you jessie

I am in ...

by queen_beez - 2007-06-04 01:06:09

agreement with all . But felt the need to reply. I have gone on qutie a few flights in a short time of having this device(1/16/07) I may be being treated differently because my husband works for the airline but I have traveled on different airlines but again with them having the knowledge of my husband being in the industry. What I wanted to say though was the complaint that MUST be made needs to be made through the TSA. The airport must be identified but it is not the one responsible for fixing this type of error. The teachings and responsiblity are in the hands of the Transportation and ultimately Homeland security. The Disabilities Act are of the same governing body as TSA so there should not be a breakdown of communication of such a degree in respect to how one is treated w/ any disability or in your case an implanted device. I have stated before but will say again with my husbands job he has complete security clearance but if he chooses to go through security instead of going through the back (like when he brings me to my gate) he is required to take off his shoes. Now we are talking about one that is in full uniform and has his clearance hungaround his neck. Still they say he must folllow the "rules". Though they are a little out of klter and my husband refuses to go through regular security anymore as he thinks it is making those passengers around seeing this happen feel un-secure. He feeels that if they see one that has credentails being screened then can they really feel the system is a safe one. Now back to the statement. I ,,too, like others have tried to show my card, even when I have beeen to the courthouse and they simply say no problem and proceed to call one over to hand search me. These persons that are not educated need you to give the problem a voice and file that note of concern with problem that needs fixing. Alot of times a simple note would fix a problem and I hope this is the case for Las Vegas. I, too, go there and haven't had this problem but again i think it is an isolatated incident and the one that is uneducatated needs educating. I also went to a jail to visit an imate and they were so considerate there too. So I really hope you go ahead with this as the only way for change is through education.
orry for going on and on ( I always seem to do this).
Take care.

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