Hi, in the process of trying to figure the cause of chest pains ive been having it was found that my heart is in good shape but seems I have bradycardia...cardiologist hopes to avoid pacemaker. Just learnt this and had my 24 hour monitor just done. I've been researching madly but have many questions . My cardiologist says it doesn't explain my chest pains...yet I see on google that chest pains are a symptom of bradycardia? Did anyone else have chest pains due to bradycardia? Thanks




by Maryann - 2019-05-16 04:08:58

im 63 and though I walk 40 mins most days, I now have to stop for a minute to recoup and find during the day that I have to take little rests frequently 

chest pain

by Tracey_E - 2019-05-16 09:22:33

Lots of things can cause chest pain.

Are you resting during your walks from pain or fatigue? How low is the brady? It's great to avoid the pacer if you can but there are no other fixes for a low heart rate. It doesn't heal itself and no meds will help, so if it's bad enough to put you in danger of passing out, or make you too tired to do every day things, then avoiding the pacer doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Chest Pains

by Swangirl - 2019-05-16 17:55:53

I had chest pains before my PM was implanted because my heart was struggling.  I had an AV block and long pauses when the ventricle wouldn't pick up the beat.  I was trying to walk briskly uphill and was breathless and had chest tightness if not actual pain.  The only reason to avoid a PM might be that your cardiologist thinks that your heart rate could resolve on it's own.  My doctor tried medication, extra caffein, a boost in my thyroid meds for a month that left me tired, low energy, anxious about passing out or dying, and inactive.  I would go shopping and look for a seat.  The very same day my PM was implanted, despite being up at dawn to get to the hospital, coming out of anesthesia, and a fresh incision, I felt amazingly energetic.  I realized what normal felt like.  My heart was beating normally and the good blood flow affected everything positively, even my foggy brain.  I am grateful everyday to be active again with good energy.  I agree with Tracey_E that it's a risk to wait and hope, when it could get much worse.  

Chest Pains

by davbrn1765 - 2019-05-16 20:36:26

I am on my 2nd PM device. Had bradycardia diagnosis for the 1st one. I did not have any chest pains. Have you been cathed yet? Have you had a stress test? I had a fluttering sensation during pre PM, but it went away after getting the first PM. It was not painful. You may have some other issues going on. Ask your doctor if they can get you scheduled for a stress test and a catherization. They go through the wrist now, so its a lot easier, and hardly any recovery time. Good luck.

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