Strange tachycardia every day since the PM was incerted.

Hi, I recieved a Boston Scientic PM about 3 months ago. For slow HR and pauses ( 2nd degree block )  Since day one of going home I have had these bouts of tachycardia and go into v pacing. I have had the device checked and they say "Its working fine." I was told it would only work if my HR was below 60 at night when sleeping or resting. Twice I've been to the tech and  she say "its working fine, just some SVT. I have rapid pulse two or three times a day. I have a home EKG. It shows the v pacing and what looks like PMT.  The tech tells me my device records everything. She saw some SVT but no PMT. On a second note the v pacing can be with a HR of like 63-80 as well and I can be doing most any activity and it occurs. Can anyone tell me why the PM is doing this? Or have any of you experienced this? I dont have a cardio recheck  until July 11th and reaching my Cardio Doc next to impossible. The tech refuses to see me again until my scheduled date also July 11 2019. ( note when my hearts is being v paced it feels like its going to pound out of my chest. ) Thank you.


Not right

by Gotrhythm - 2019-05-18 16:12:25

Something is not right.

Trust me, you can have PMT even when your pacemaker is "working fine." I did. "Working fine" just means the pacemaker is doing what it is programmed to do. It doesn't mean it's programmed the way it needs to be for your heart.

Convincing medical people that something is wrong, when they say nothing is wrong is an exercise in futility. And let me add, a cardiologist you can't see when you need to isn't much better than no cardiologist at all.

If your heart is not reacting in a standard way to standard programming, it's possible you have an unusual or rare condition--one that cardiologist has never or rarely seen. If that's the case, you'd be better off to go to a major medical center where there are EPs, cardiologists who specialize in heart rhythm disorders. Even if you have to travel.

Regardless of what some tech says, you know what you know. She doesn't know what to do to resolve your problem so she just wants you to go away. But it's your life and health on the line. Advocate for yourself. Don't wait. The problem is not going to get better on its own.

Going to Duke saved my life.

Pacemaker not working right

by Ravenwatcher - 2019-05-18 23:10:58

Thank you, I am looking into going North to a major hospital and getting a new EP. I know this PM is just not working correctly, regardless of the Techs print outs. I have about 50% of the episodes on memory on my EKG.  Hopefully they can help me out at OSU.



by Shana - 2019-05-19 01:10:36


I have had two significant tachycardia events post pacemaker.

It’s scary when your heart feels like it is going to beat out of your chest! Sorry for what you are experiencing. 

My team tested my pacemaker settings for PMT by trying to intentional induce it. The pacemaker corrected it. Meaning the settings were correct.

They also have been having me wear an event monitor to see if they can catch physiology outside of PM settings.

Finally, since my my tachycardia is preceded by a warmth sensation that shoots from my chest to head, they are suspicious that I am having vasovagal syncope (loss of blood pressure) that the heart tries to correct by pumping faster to get blood to the body. 

I’m not completely convinced, but happy to work with it for now. 

Good luck in your search for answers. Glad you are getting a new team on your side. It makes all the difference - emotionally and medically.



strange tachycardia

by raymarkow - 2019-05-20 03:22:20

I have been having a similar experience but have observed that it occurs when I sit down hard, or make a shawn move such as moving bak and forth quickly in bed to reach for something. I did some reading and found that pacemakers use accelerometers to detect when you are doing exercise , and sometimes use vibrations as a way to know if you are exerting yourself so as to increase ones pacing rate appropriately. I now make more gentle movements when I sit down as one example, and that seems to have eased the issue. I’m seeing my tech on Thursday so I’ll check with her . if your  tachycardia occurs when you move quickly or somehow make your body vibrate by sitting down abruptly , say, this may be the reason. Let me know if that is your circumstance also . 


by Ravenwatcher - 2019-05-20 04:51:55

Thank you all for you comments. I have had it happen while just standing in line to pay for items. Ive  been reaching over to shut off the alarm. It has occured when first getting up and even when standing cooking a meal. At times it will be rapid and other times will just occur with me getting up and putting my shoes on. I'm very active , I work out 5 days a week, hike on the weekends, etc. It never seems to occur during a hard workout. But let me bend down to pick something up like a laundry basket, or a slow walk to the mailbox and it will start. It's very odd. I'm callingcardio  again today and demanding to see the Tech and Cardio EP asap. I'm sure its a combination of the settings and I think as Ray referred to, it may have something to do with certain movement. It will alway occur if I go into a Walmart type store. Maybe the alarm systems set it off. If I'm on the cell phone for more then 5 minutes there is a good chance it will occur as well.  I do hope I find out soon.

Maybe this is stress

by Brian Robert - 2019-05-22 05:43:43

I reckon I suffer quite a bit of general anxiety. After a recent implant for heart block followed in two weeks by a need for a replacement of one of the leads I have experienced a large number of stressful periods and I fear my heart is not working properly. I get a lot of pounding.  My sleeping is not always very sound. I overcome a wobbly uncertain feelings by breathing in slowly though the nose etc. excercises.  I am assured my pacemaker is working properly.  A rational trust in it helps a lot.

Beta Blocker

by NiceNiecey - 2019-05-22 10:40:32

I also had this happen for no reason. I would be sitting doing nothing and my HR would be 100. (I know that’s not horrible but it wasn’t normal for me at all.)  I also had one significant event 7 months post implant. 

The solution for me was going on a beta blocker and it worked. In the evenings I can feel my heart beginning to beat faster without any reason and it’s a reminder to take my medicine. Built in alarm!

i hope I haven’t over simplified your problem. Please forgive me if I have. 


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