Lasik rejection due to ICD

Went to get evaluated for Lasik - but was rejected due to my ICD - was told that the laser equipment may interfere with my ICD (not the laser itself, obviously)

Anyone else experience this? Any alternatives or Opthalmologists that DO perform Lasik in an ICD friendly setup?





by Selwyn - 2019-05-23 12:14:19

Try following at this club's site :

Laser Eye Surgery

BY HER INDOORS  2009-07-08 02:07:01  GENERAL POSTING   3618 VIEWS  10 COMMENTS

Used the upper right corner search.

Some pacemakers that are more than twenty years old could be affected by electromagnetic fields emitted by equipment like the excimer laser. Patients with older pacemakers can still have LASIK or PRK, but they may require that a technician be present to oversee the pacemaker.

Ref:A Guide to Laser Eye Surgery and Medical Conditions - Focus Clinic

Thanks much - will check them out...

by jimbeam - 2019-05-23 18:52:38

Appreciate the lead/pointer!

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