Pain after surgery

I'm brand new to this group. I just turned 51 and was told 9 weeks ago i have cardiomyopathy. After several tests, angiogram, cardiac mri, chemical stress test etc they found i had a blockage in my circumflex artery. I was awaiting the stent procedure this month, was scheduled for May 9, 2019. On May 5th i passed out from Ventricular Tachycardia, was brought to hospital where 4 days later had an icd implanted. It is now approx 17 days later and i am in so much pain in my left shoulder and breast area. I cant sleep from the pain. The incision seems to be heeling fine, but i have a constant dull pain in my chest especially when taking a deep breath and sharp shooting pains all around the shoulder and back. Is this normal? I am supposed to see the surgeon again this tuesday, i just praying this pain subsides.



by Jimmy Dinfla - 2019-05-29 22:21:43

You are smart to ask your doctor.  In my case, I had pain for several weeks.  Acetaminophen helped only a little.  Heat and cold packs helped some.  I always exercised my arm within the restrictions I was given.  It does take time.  I wish you a quick recovery.

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