Scar sensitivity

I had my first pacemaker placed at the end of February. I had issues with the scar completely healing due to a stitch knot preventing a small area from closing. It has been completely healed for a few weeks now but the scar is very sensitive. If I accidentally hit it it is pretty painful. Is this something that will decrease over time or should I expect to always have sensitivity in that area? I will also randomly get a weird  burning sensation in the area of my pacemaker for a second or two (just randomly, not when hitting the area) has anyone else had this?


Scar healing

by 10leonard - 2019-05-24 21:29:31

My scar took quite a while to settle. Your situation is not mine as we are all different,  however time passing will help.   The older we are it takes longer for this to happen of course..... Good luck

Sensitive scar

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-24 23:44:21

Mine healed normally but it was still quite sensitive to the touch for about eight months.  It's not unusual.

We're all different

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-26 00:43:56

Mine was quite sensitive to the touch for about eight months, with a burning sensation (sunburn-ish?) similar to what you describe.  I had no issues with it healing, either.  I bought one of the sheepskin shoulder harness covers to keep my shoulder haness off the PM.  It helped a lot.

Takes longer to heal that I thought

by Bethanne - 2019-05-26 19:04:03

I suppose I expected the scar to heal really quickly but I'm older now so it's a bit slower. It was doing ok until Cardiologist checked it last week and now it's feeling sensitive again.  I had no idea it might take eight months!  Good idea about sheepskin pad, all helps I guess.  

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