6 weeks does that do it

I am heavy into tennis and weigth lifting i spend lot of time on the bench with free weights My Doc set me at 60 beats but for physcial stuff kick in a 70 and tops out at 130. With the pace maker its not like turning a switch as far as energy, i guess that will come back with time I hope. My Doc says 6 weeks stay off of the left arm and then i can go for it. I notice that i am not hungry at dinner time big breakfest and small lunch but almost not hungry at dinner time a bit of a change. No weight problems 5ft 4" 200 lbs Looking for feed back thanks John


I love free weights !!

by cbulifant - 2007-03-30 02:03:01

I dont play tennis much but I do however spend a lot of time in the gym lifting weights. As far as the bench goes I can tell you my experiences...I go light and I go heavy as well (275lbs even 300lbs+) on the heavy lifts I make sure the rep is clean and steady under complete control. I find that if I struggle with to heavy a weight it will cause discomfort in my leads at the collar bone area. The light weights are a different story, all day long...is my motto there, no issues at all.
I dont do decline bench, no matter the weight, a painfull move for me.
I also have no problems with Incline, heavy or light, but now prefer to do it on the smith machine instead, just have to find what works.
I was back into the gym on my 6th week to the day, and progressed back into it. hope this has helped out some. good luck. Chris B.


by randrews - 2007-03-30 11:03:06

Hey John,
I'm don't lift or play tennis but I am a runner. I got my pm march 19th. My appetite really changed for about a week. At times I was hungry, at others I wasn't. But now that I am back to running my appetite is back to normal.

tennis and weights

by pace1 - 2007-03-30 11:03:30

I haven't played tennis yet (got my PM 5 weeks ago) but my dr. gave me the ok already. As far as the weights I was actually given the ok at 4 weeks and it's fine. At first I seemed to be hungry all the time, but as I got back into my routine it's normal. You may not get more energy, I didn't and my dr. told me I might not since I'm active and wasn't having symptoms before. Not sure what your situation was, but just to warn you, you might not feel a whole lot different as far as energy. You may not feel winded playing tennis and lifting, but there again, you may not feel any different. I don't and it doesn't sound like I will. I'm surprised since you sound like a very active person that your max was only set at 130? Good luck!

Similar queries!!!

by rosep - 2007-03-31 08:03:00

Hi John,
Had my first pacer fitted on 7/3.
I play alot of tennis, including doubles league matches, season due to start in a month. -I also train moderately at gym, mainly to maintain cardio fitness and back strength,some free weights. I have my first check in a couple of weeks but so far have been disappointed at slow rate of regaining movement re. my left arm and side. However, think I may be a bit over -cautious re.doing any potential damage re. wires?
Have not resumed serious exercise yet apart from lots of walking as my wound area is still pulling , although healing well. Appetite probably slightly less but may be because I am not doing same level of exercise at moment.
My main concern re. tennis is getting smacked by ball on pacer (esp.in mixed!!), on look-out for some sort of protector.
Hope you get back on court very soon - I'm looking forward to my first try-out!!

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