Police officer with pacemaker


49 year old police officer, just got a pacemaker. I’m more concerned about training than working the road. Shooting a sluggger on that side, defensive tactics. Anyone find difficulties with training activities? 


Security force

by Theknotguy - 2019-05-27 19:11:45

I volunteer at a large hospital (1300 bed).  We have a security force that is being upgraded to a police force.  We've had so many drug deals go down because the drug dealers know the security people have to call the local police before anything can be done.  Consequently they are very bold about doing illegal activities in plain sight.  

One of the security force people has a pacemaker and should make the transition to being on the newly formed police force.  I see him occasionally and will ask your questions.  Our security force people do carry firearms and are qualified in that area.  

The only thing he told me about having problems is that he was lifting weights and went about it too forcefully.  Said had a weird reaction and had to go to his EP to get checked out.  Ended up in the hospital that night as he had broken a lead.  Told the doctor he was only bothered when he was lifting weights and wanted to hold off but the doctor wouldn't buy it.  Other than that he gets along OK.  

Based upon what our guy told me I feel you should do OK.  


Police work and pacmaker

by Selwyn - 2019-05-28 13:26:36

Problems you may find:

protection of PM site if like British police you do riot training or self defence work. ( you can purchase PM protectors). Being punched over the PM site is not a good idea.

Shooting a shoulder gun on the PM side is difficult and painful ( person experience clay pigeon shooting).

Using a Taser could be a problem.

Sudden onset of sprinting, or wrestling,  gives an oxygen debt and a PM lag for heart rate.

Magnetic security wands and gates can destroy your programming.

Use the upper right search facility of this site to read about the ability to exercise ( aerobic, anaerobic, weights etc) - lots of practical advice .

( I am a former police medical officer- your force doctor would be in a position to offer confidential advice)


by Hooked86 - 2019-05-30 23:25:33

I was told no shooting shotguns or using excessive wanding. I can however go through mri/ct with mine. I would def ask your doctor.

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