Lost soul with confusing heart

I'm not sure where to start..but I apologize for this seeming long.

My echo a few months back was a mess. Atrium not pumping at times..etc etc..

Now was told I have pacemaker syndrome and have had a 45 day monitor on.

I spoke to cardiologist briefly and he had a report of first two weeks with it on. It was brief, he stated he tried to reach my electrophysiologist but that my report has many variations so far. All I wrote was wide complex tachycardias..bundle branch block.. (I don't  if left or right) pacemaker firing/misfiring.

Basically I was told my electrophysiologist is in drivers seat and to make an appt with him.

I did this but the appt is June 17th so he can have full report by then.

In the meantime I feel like a bomb ticking and on top of being exhausted...depressed beyond doubt.

Here I am 46.. not a clue to my heart.

History of SVTs..re-entry av node, ventricular tachycardia..etc 2nd degree heart blocks. Sick sinus node bradycardias..why pacemaker is in.

Prior to PM..I was always told I'd need a pacemaker/defibrillator. I have to say I agree. 

So lost.

Thank you...



Difficult Time

by Swangirl - 2019-05-29 00:24:08

I get it, that there is a lot of confusion about what's going on with your heart and the indicators don't look good.  It sounds like your doctors are working on it however and monitoring you. The tests and diagnosis will come in time.  You don't have all the information yet. 

The best thing you can do is to stay hopeful and positive, create some good energy for yourself.  Watch some comedies, read some good fiction or something inspirational, try to distract yourself from the worry.  Get a massage, go out with some friends, start a new project.  Spiraling into despair is not going to help you.  You are not "lost", just going through a hard time.   Let's find a better way to describe your state of mind--maybe finding self-support, or gahering strength.  Empower yourself to get through whatever lies ahead.  

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