discomfort at night

hi does anyone else get scared when inbed? my pacemaker moves about and it frightens me but am told this is normal it is qute heavy too as I am very thin now but it has changed my life so hey ho x




by Jimmy Dinfla - 2019-05-29 22:32:46

Scared - no.  Thinking about it, planning my future, worried about my family - yup!  I think this is normal for a traumatic event.


by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-01 20:33:29

The pacemaker is supposed to be able to move under the skin. When it doesn't move is when problems like skin erosion arise.

As soon as the lights go out, all the worries that stayed in the background while we were busy, clamor for attention.

Instead of worrying about something that is not broken, use the same time and energy to count your blessings.

Scary Thoughts

by CaliforniaCarl - 2019-08-18 22:33:19

Hi Leslie,

I'm new to this forum and had my ICD implanted June 6 this year. I have no heart disease but I have a left bundle branch block issue that I learned about 3 years ago. One June morning I fell to the floor of my bedroom in cardiac arrest. For some reason, my wife happened to enter the bedroom and saw me on the floor. She performed CPR while also dialing 911. 20 min later I was in the hospital. Today I feel fine. In fact, I feel great. 

But for the first two weeks, my wife would not leave my side. She was scared I could repeat my cardiac arrest. For the next month, she would not let me drive, in case I had an attack while driving and could hurt another motorist while I died. Then a month after that, we are back to our normal routines and everything feels fine.

But it is still scary when I lay down, overthink my condition, ask myself questions I have no answers for, and generally wonder if I will die in my sleep.  I think forums like this are the answer to the "Scared" problem. Knowledge is power. And praying never hurts either.

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