Post Surgery

Good Afternoon 

I just returned home from hospital after having my Biotronik dual valve pacemaker installed. Surgery went well I think it took about two hours and they ended up putting me completely out. Anesthesiologist said doctor was very precise .He placed closer to arm under collar bone so I can still wear low cut blouses I guess...

I spent the night and was released this morning . Pacemaker tech checked me this morning and said it was working fine. It used 49 percent last night meaning it turned on quite a bit when I slept.

Left message for doc to ask about suture area which is covered but swollen to the side like a lump figured might be normal but want to make sure.

Feel pretty good but going to be hard using only one hand 

To all of you pending surgery not bad and the relief knowing it is over... moving forward 

Best of Luck!


single handed

by ROBO Pop - 2019-05-30 17:00:06

It would be a very bad choice not to use both hands andcould lead to a severely painful condition called frozen shoulder syndrome which takes a long time to resolve. Besides with those low cut blouses you'll need both hands to fend off the guys.


by Kimmiee2 - 2019-05-30 20:11:55

I just finally looked at bandages and noticed a swelling to the side of bandages very sore is that normal? No redness no discharge.

i hate not knowing to worry or not...

Otherwise glad to be home 😃

Perfectly normal

by AgentX86 - 2019-05-31 09:33:01

You've been pretty well beaten up.  Yeah, a little swelling and pain is perfectly normal.  The pain shouldn't last long but the swelling may take a couple of months to go down. Mine was very sensitive to the touch for eight months but that seems to be an unusually long time.g

Post op

by Happy Heart - 2019-06-02 07:33:31

Hey Kimmiee2,

If you just returned home from the surgery, it’s normal to be bruised, swollen, and tender. Remember you were sliced open and a device was implanted and hooked to your heart. I just had my second PM implanted three weeks ago and am still very tender and raw-looking with visible bruising . Swelling is normal. You’re bruised and healing on the inside, too plus your skin was stretched like crazy for them to work inside you.

It takes a few months to heal and then you’ll adjust to things . You’ll get used to it. Happy pacing! Take care. 

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