Relapse or Lead Dislodgement

Been posting and responding quiet frequently on here, but have a question on the after effects of surgery. I am on my 2nd devise. First was a dual chamber PM, and I had that for only 3 years. Now I have a BV / ICD and am on CRT continuosly. Was feeling pretty good until this morning when I almost blacked out at work. After that I was cold and tired the rest of the day, and looked visably tired when I looked in the mirror. I originally had byacardia for the first PM, and then went into cardiomyopathy with very low EF's within 3 years. My in home monitor still says ok, and the doctors office has succesfully checked out the monitor. I am wondering if I have a dislodged lead, or if the wires are interfering with blood flow and back to the heart, or if the wires causing other problems? I am 6 weeks post surgery. Has anyone had a lead dislodge, and if so, what were the signs or symptoms? Also, any strange feelings after recovery? Thanks.  



by Tracey_E - 2019-06-01 10:01:27

Blood flows around the leads, they don't take up  the whole vein. If a lead were dislodged, it would show up in the report from the monitor. The pacer can be working properly but not be programmed for what we need. Things can go wrong that are cardiac but not pacer related. New symptoms should be checked out by your doctor. 


by lefty2 - 2019-06-01 18:15:28

It may be a simple as a reaction to your meds. When you felt like you were blacking out, did  you get up suddenly? Could also be some type of reaction to your meds. Perhaps get some blood wrok and see if your Potassium levels are ok.



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