Pacemaker pain

Hi all

I am 46 and I am 17 days post pacemaker insertion for complete heart block. At 10 days I started with central chest pain, worse on inspiration and my d dimer was raised. My ECG and troponin was normal. My CTPA was negative.

Although the pain is easing, it reoccurs at night when I am led on my R side. The pacemaker is on my L.

I am having a check of the pacemaker on weds to check positioning etc. It feels like something is poking me in the chest on the inside. 

Has anyone had similar problems? The pacemaker technician said my pacemaker wouldn't cause chest pain but the medical consultant in hospital said it could be pain referred from the site

I won't be seen by my cardiologist again unless the pacemaker check shows problems 

Thanks in advance 


Early Days

by TomL56 - 2019-06-02 10:43:14

It does take some getting used to. My sleep positions and patterns had to change and they did over time. Trust me it does get easier. All change is hard but this is an extreme invasion into your body. It is lifesaving - but not easy.

I am 2.5 years in and at times I forget I even have the PM. Sometimes it itches and I’m surprised to feel the lump.

After my first 3 months my doctor said: “Lighten up you are fine. You’re like a kid on a sled at the top of the hill afraid to start down the hill. Let go or get someone to give you a kick in the ass.”

I kicked myself in the ass and have been fine ever since. 

Good Luck!


Early Days

by Piti - 2019-06-02 18:05:24

I am 8 weeks out.   I had some right chest/neck pain...  They told me it was either from positioning during surgery (don't think so..) or poossibly I had a small pneumothorax and it would resolve itself.   The discomfort did go away after couple of weeks.

I too have to adjust my sleeping poisition, not easy to sleep on left side.  But it does get easier.

Appreciate the comment Tom. my husband tells me I should 'lighten up.' 

Sleep position

by AgentX86 - 2019-06-02 19:51:32

I couldn't sleep on either side, at first.  If I sleep on my back, I'll get leg cramps, so slept in a recliner for two months (did it for five months after my bypass surgery).  I was back sleeping on my stomach after three or four months.  I just made sure to protect that area.

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