Day 3....

Feeling ok but not sure what I should feel or not feel. Bpm not dropping like before so not so tired or dizzy 

hard to sleep more than a few hours feel awake after 3-4 hours. I am sure that will get better in time.


Cant wait for 1 week suture check on Wednesday. I think it is the unknown that is creating anxiety. I am ready to go back to work and routine 

Sorry frustration sets in from time to time 

Happy Saturday 


Early Days

by TomL56 - 2019-06-02 10:31:25

It is really scary in the beginning. I went from being relatively healthy to having a PM and a stent. I was scared but felt amazingly well other than the stitches. I had trouble sleeping for quite a while but it all got easier over time.

Its been 2.5 years and I feel fine. I often forget I have the PM.


Good Luck!



by Kimmiee2 - 2019-06-03 00:50:36

Thanks for the positive feedback 

Best of Luck to you!!!


by Tachybrady - 2019-06-03 13:43:31

Kimmiee2 hope you are continuing to do well. I love your upbeat attitude and want to know how you progress. Seems we have the same diagnosis and I’m still well before the procedure. My husband was a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon but he died many years ago. I still have a number of different valves and pacemakers that he had and the size of them is enormous to the ones they are implanting now. Good luck to you.

Positive energy

by Kimmiee2 - 2019-06-03 15:01:38

Yep! Sounds like the same, ironically my mom had one put in 16 years ago almost to the day. She was 72 and lived to almost 90... she never had any problems with hers! I always said I will probably have one someday because we shRe the same medical history 😃

Wish you a quick recovery. Today is day 5 and each day better but need to start getting out more...

Happy Monday 


New member, new PM

by KimS64 - 2019-06-13 13:39:42

Hi, just joined today and saw your post.  I'm on Day 2, came home from hospital yesterday. Sore and swollen but feeling ok.  I've got a CRT-D due to heart failure/25% EF.  Hoping soreness goes away soon, a bit anxious about living with this device but am being told that my energy will increase and the device should work therapeutically to shrink my heart and improve the EF.   I agree, being away from work & routine is difficult. Hope your suture check went well!

living with it

by davey - 2019-06-14 19:14:04

I can only say that in time you will adjust to having something that is there to help you,

When mine was first fitted it took me ages to get use to it being there, but i was told its there to help you live a normal life, so i focused on that shook myself off picked myself up and tried to get on with it ,

hope this helps you..

regards, best wishes..

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