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Hello Friends, I am Tamilian, 75,  just joined the club. Hope U R all doing well. I got my PM done on 5/28/19 and the Dr.put me on Paradaxa 150 mg twice a day. It is a blood thinner. Previously I have been getting occasional heavy nose bleeds and I never took any aspirin or other blood thinners. I am concerned about using such a heavy dose of Paradaxa daily as it may cause sudden heavy nose bleeds. Does anyone has similar situation, is there a less dosage. My BP is normal. If the PM is controlling the Rhthym of the heart then the blood circulation should be close to preferred situation. Is the blood thinner a precaution or a must to avoid any clogging. I am not sure how long this Paradaxa is required. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the same. 


Welcome to the club Tamilian

by IAN MC - 2019-06-03 05:04:36

You really need to ask your Dr why he has put you on Pradaxa. It seems that we are not getting the full story and any response we give would be pure guesswork.

Certainly just having a pacemaker is not reason to be put on blood-thinners so there must be something else in your medical background.

It is possible that you have some sort of irrregular heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation which could increase your chances of developing blood clots  and ,no your pacemaker would not restore that to a normal heart rhythm 

The dosage of blood thinners is often determined by tests on your kidney function ( e.g.creatinine clearance ) so again you need more information from your doctor ; there may be good reasons for putting you on that dosage.

As for nose bleeds; as you know they are rarely serious but potentially could be made worse by Pradaxa ( but not necessarily )... again you need to talk to your Dr. It may be a case of weighing up your risk of developing blood clots against your risk from nose bleeds.  I know which would worry me the most !

Let us know what the Dr says

Best of luck


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