Sudden drop

Hi y'all.

I have been searching for this topic, but I figure I'll just ask my question.

PM was recently reset to 70/140. It was suddenly dropping to at least half at exertion ( for example HR of 130 and the PM would bring it down to 60).

Like I said, it was just raised a little because of this. But it is still happening! I guess that means that at exertion  I must be reaching at least 140 or 150. PM kicks in and for hours I am at 60 or so, definitely not getting enough oxygen flowing.

So: what is that safety doo-hicky called that kicks in? And can I just have them turn it off? It really is debilitating...



Sudden drop

by crustyg - 2019-06-03 18:30:06

Sounds as though your PM is switching to a backup/safety mode, either because of a problem with the sensor inputs that it receives, or possibly because of a magnet effect that forces a switch.

Most modern PMs record events like this: you need to have yours checked to see if that's what's happening.  Once the evidence is reviewed then you and your EP can make changes or plan to fix what's happening.

I'm not sure that your PM can forcibly lower your HR - your words say 'I must be reaching at least 140 or 150. PM kicks in and ... I am 60 or so'.  Seems more likely that your PM is running you at 140-150 as you exert yourself and then has to switch to a backup mode because of a problem.

Are you remotely monitored?

Sudden drop?

by AgentX86 - 2019-06-03 21:17:40

Without knowing the PM type, leads, pacing mode, there isn't enough information here.  But you're right, Crusty, the PM should have the "why" recorded.  If he has a remote monitor, his medical team should be able to get to the bottom of this pretty quickly.


by Shana - 2019-06-08 00:11:55


My bpm’s regularly run high on exertion.

My pacemaker clinic interrogated my pm while walking/running stairs in the clinic. 

My applewatch had lag time. It might say 150 bpm, but on interrogation we could see that I was actually running 170 bpm.

This meant I was over my 160 ceiling, and the pacemaker intentionally began dropping beats to prevent my heart from ‘running away’. I dropped to 90 beats per minute Midstream exertion. You are right it is uncomfortable. You can’t get the oxygen you need to keep going.

I’ve experienced this a ton while working out on my own. It was very refreshing to see it validated via pm telemetry!!!

Hope this helps!


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