Pain dull ache & depressed

Hello there im new pacemaker recipient 3 & half weeks now, i dont feel any different in fact im starting to think i was better off without it, ive had a bit of stress from work @ 2 weeks & depression from that, & decided if i'm still employed, i wil get my fitness back & find another job, anyway sometimes when depressed i feel an ache in my heart (this distresses me more) now im feeling heart burn, it scares me, i go & see the cardioligst next week i wil be telling them everything, i hope they can help, im sure im not the only one to experience this it would really put my mind to rest to hear from your experience, im a 56 year young female, thank you 


Heart Ache/depression

by Michele H - 2019-06-08 09:43:24

Got my St. Jude pm just last month on May 2nd.  Am female 62...I felt normal before it, not dizzy nor faint.  But I had a very low heart rate at night, into the 20's.   I'm getting back into excersize with walking and biking.  Sometimes my heart aches and even feels like it beats crazy, but then it goes away.  It is scary.  Depression is common with this surgery.  Afterall, it's invasive.  I downloaded some calming meditation apps that help.  Getting out and excersizing helps too.  Still have to keep my arm down I think for another month.  I'm a school teacher, but just happen to have taken this year off.  I can't imagine having to go back to work so soon after this operation.  Why did you have to get your pm?  Hope you feel better soon.

I hope you feel better soon

by Jo S - 2019-06-08 10:07:07

In the past, I've definitely felt an ache in my chest and heartburn that made me worry it was cardiac but I was pretty sure it was due to anxiety and stress.  It's scary to feel that when you have a heart issue (and if there's any doubt in your mind, I would try to get to the cardiologist's sooner to get it checked out or see if the clinic can check any transmitted pacemaker data).  At less than a month out, my incision also still feels a little uncomfortable at times, which doesn't help the chest discomfort.  I find steristrips help when I'm exercising by providing more support to the area.

A lot of people feel depressed when dealing with heart issues.  I would definitely bring it up with your cardiologist.  You may be able to take medication for a short time, or it might be helpful to talk to someone.  I felt a lot of stress dealing with the idea of having a pacemaker at 46, and I have had several sessions with a therapist about it.  I also try to focus on the fact that this will keep me healthier long term.  It's hard if you weren't feeling sick before (as I wasn't and it sounds like you weren't if you thought you were better off without it).  But the reality is that my heart was growing weaker and would have been symptomatic eventually, and the PM should keep it from getting worse and maybe even make it stronger.

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