I don’t have any symptoms except for 2 instances when I felt a bit dizzy. However, I’ve been diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome and have both bradycardia and tachycardia indicated by a Holter. I have a smart bracelet that vibrates when my heart rate exceeds 100. Some days it vibrates only twice in one day, other days more frequently but goes back down immediately. I will get a pacemaker for the bradycardia and medication for the tachycardia. I’ve been reading emails on the site and I’m quite surprised by people commenting on symptoms post implant. Is this common? My heart rate has always been slow in the 40s and 50s. I’m 72 and very active and have never complained of feeling tired but wondering if I will feel anything when they increase the pace. Could I feel more energetic? Or could it feel like anxiety? Or should I put on the deep relaxation music and learn to live with it?  









by ar_vin - 2019-06-07 21:26:49

I can't speak to your tachycardia which the PM won't fix either.

But a lot of these rhythm disorders can be progressive; while you may not feel symptoms now, that could change in the future.

Also the low heart rate potentially has system wide impacts due to the lower oxygenation. I too was very "proud" over many years of my low heart rate - unfortunately it does have a flip side.

After my implant my PM low heart rate setting was initially set to 60 bpm. I found that rate too high especially at bedtime. At my one week appointment, I asked for it to be lowered to 50 which my EP agreed to and changed the setting.

Over the next few months I realized that I'd feel light headed when I got up suddenly so I had the low rate cranked up to 55 which now feels much better.

The message here is: you'll have a very powerful programmable device in your chest that can be tweaked according to your needs. You need to pay attention to how well it's working for you and work with your EP and device tech to have it adjusted. It's an ongoing process.



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