HIIT training and swimming

I will receive a pacemaker in July for sick sinus syndrome. I swim daily and wonder how long it will be until I can get back in the pool after pm.

i also do HIIT high intensity interval training both in the pool and while walking. Does anyone have any info on whether this can be continued after pm? 

I’m 72 this month and have always been really active. I still care for 2 horses and ride. My doctor told me not to stop what I’m doing now but will I have to stop after pm or curtail activity? 

Thanks for any info...my angst is showing, I know. 



PM and activity

by ar_vin - 2019-06-07 21:15:54

If your only issue is sick sinus syndrome and you're already very active, you can look forward to the same level of activity as now after your PM implant and subsequent recovery from the procedure. It's also crucial to discuss your lifestyle with your EP and get a PM that will work well for your specific lifestyle and have the settings adjusted based on your needs.

Please do understand that it will take you a little while (YMMV - several weeks to a couple of months) to return to your current level of activity. First the wound needs to heal and the PM leads need time to settle and you'll be advised acordingly by your EP.

In my case I was back to my pre implant activity level (I hike and run big hills and have done so for many years) within six weeks. I was advised by my EP to not rush hiking/running the more rugged trails to avoid accidental falls etc for two months post implant. I was walking 6 miles every day five days post implant and gradually built back up to my normal level of activity. I restarted HIIT hree months or so after my implant.

That said my biggest issue was with the settings on the Medtronic PM I received especially hiking up steep hills. Five months or so aftre my implant, with a lot of great help and advice from other forum members, I was able to go back to my EP and had my PM settings adjusted. Since that adjustment I'm back to my pre-implant self. 

Based on what I know now about PMs, I probably would opt for a Biotronik with the CLS algorithm. I think it would be best suited for some one seeking a more natural heart rate response based on level of exertion. But this is based on a cursory reading of the Biotronik features. Given that you swim, you must look at the Biotronik.

Please take the time now to discuss these issues in detail with your EP before your procedure. Further, give your body and the PM time to settle down for a few weeks before resuming rigorous training. Read this forum and ask questions - lots of amazing helpful people here who really know their stuff!

In any case I felt so much better after the implant that I highly recommend getting a PM for sick sinus syndrome if you're at all symptomatic (breathlessness, light head ness, pre syncope........).




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