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Prior to late Nov, 2018 I functioned just fine with my Medtronic CRT-D PM.  I performed well on a treadmill pulmonary function stress test last Nov 15. Due to low battery indication, my PM was replaced with a Medtronic Claria MRI CRT-D Surescan on Nov. 30, 2018 and I've not been the same since. Weary, weak and less able to do things.  EP has blamed my condition on the following events that happened a month afterward: Diverticulitis, C-Diff infection, then a pnemonia event.  It's now 6 months post these ailments and I'm sure all vestiges of these events are long gone, yet I'm still not the same. I've finally gotten an appt. with my EP for later this month and I'll want ALL avenues explored regarding the new PM - esp. programming. An interesting fact: a different EP performed a PM optimization on me early this year and claimed a LVEF increase from 20% to 35+% but I feel no better. I assume the programming function of a PM is easily checked and changed, correct?  BTW: The EP who performed the PM optimization commented,  "A reduction of ectopic beats would benefit the patient."  I take that to mean if the PVC, bigeminy events were reduced I would notice an improvement?




by Sara A - 2019-06-12 23:32:01

I have a pacemaker and have also been in Bigeminy and have numerous PVCs. It is very uncomfortable and Bigeminy is exhausting since the PVCs are not functional heart beats. My doctor started me on Flecanaide which improves my ectopy. It only works for Ventricular ectopy. Good luck!

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