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Im going abroad in a week to a quiet island in Greece. There’s no real hospital or anything there, if you’re sick it means travelling back to Rhodes. So I was thinking about taking my Care link with me, so if anything funky happened to my pacemaker I could have the hospital in England check to see if anything was wrong. And then if it was I’d know and be able to get help. They said there is no point as they can’t do anything if somethings wrong. But I feel like it would be a really good idea because then I would be able to be in the know and seek medical help in Greece if I needed to? 


Cant decided whether to take it with me. Has anyone ever travelled with it before? 






by capecod - 2019-06-09 17:13:26

i have a st. judes home monitor which i take with me when i travel.  however, i did not take it to europe as it would not work there but i was told any hospital could check my CRT-D and send a remote to my doctor in the states. i have a summer home in canada and it does work from there. ??  so best to check with your clinic. 


by islandgirl - 2019-06-10 08:23:42

I've travelled all over the world with my Carelink monitor.  I have an ICD and my dr. insists not to go anywhere without it, even if it's an overnight trip nearby.  Mine works fine and picks up available cell signals, including camping in the Sahara Desert in Morrocco.  My dr was alerted and we texted back and forth on my last trip out of the country.  I had an appt the day after I got back from that trip.

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