Burning Pain armpit/near pacemaker site

HI All,

Looking for some advice. I have had my pacemakter for almost 7 years now and within the last 3-4 months have been experiencing occasional sharp burning pain under the skin under my armput near the pacemaker site. It is a brief pain 10-15 secs but sharp enough to take breath away and tires me. It is generally if I over stretch or even if I drive over a road bump so seems to be casued by certain movement.  About 1.5 years ago one of the leads came lose but as that was not the area my condition is in they left it and also said the device had rotated signficantly. I am wodnering if it could be due tot he lose lead or change of the pacemaker position. Has anyone else exeprienced anything similar/ I went to the pacing clinic and they confirmed the device is working but didn't check anything else just told me to go to my GP but I am convinced it is related tot he pacemaker.

Any comments or advice appreciated.


Keelin, Ireland



by CatDad - 2019-06-11 13:16:08

A lead "came loose" 18 months ago and "they left it"? And you're still pacing properly according to PM interrogation?

Does this mean the portion of the lead that came loose was not in the artery or heart chamber but rather up by the PM connection?

This is of interest to us all but confusing. When my lead displaced it was in the right atrium and began pacing my diaphragm. No confusion there; and PM values attained during subsequent interrogation were way wrong resulting in immediate revision surgery.

I've seen x-rays online of "subclavicle crush syndrome" results; one was of a lead snapped in two places as a result of the PM recipient continuing to enter karate tournaments.

Have you been doing anything similarly impacting to that area?



by Keelin - 2019-06-12 10:04:10

Hi CatDad,

thanks for commenting. There were 2 leads placed, one to upper chamber other to lower and the one that moved was monitoring the area which is not impacted by my issue so they felt as the other one was still pacing it was best to leave it. With my issue I would not have high usage of the pacemaker. I believe it is still in the artery but not in the chamber.

They did an xray and the PM connection had rotated. They asked was I doing any active sport but I do not. I have 2 young children though so could have been lifting them! I did not have any sympthoms either it was just found at a routine pacing clinic visit. 

The burning sensation only started a few months ago. I did get a knock to the site earlier this year so went back to the pacing clinic and they said it was still pacing fine but didn't give any clarity on the burning sensation but to visit my GP. Give the pain started then I feel it is more likely something relating to my pacemaker, be it the lead that shifted or that the device has shifted again so when I over stretch it is maybe affecting a nerve or muscle.


Was just curious if anyone else had experienced similar?

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