Pain after pacemaker implant

Hello everyone I posted on here a few weeks ago having been in pain well I’ve had my pacemaker implanted now 10 weeks and I’m still not feeling any better it’s pain in my shoulder area and clavicle my neck and chin I have no problem moving my left arm and the pacemaker itself still feels heavy I’ve been back to hospital since my first checkup and they said it was probably nerve endings and muscle tissue not healed probably yet does anyone know how long this is likely to last please as I’m still not back to work yet as my job is very physical and I don’t think I will be working anytime soon sorry for long message.



by RedRocksGirl - 2019-06-11 20:53:31

I had my first one put in January 17 and had pain in those same areas for quite a while. I'm going to say I still had shoulder pain and up at the clavicle (where the leads go into the subclavain artery) at 12 weeks. Unfortunatley my suture tore and at 12 weeks they had to go in, pull out the device, which had been moving ALL over the place (I think it tore pretty early on - maybe week 4ish) and do a pocket revision and suture it back in. I'm 9 weeks out from the second surgery and still have some pain, but not nearly as much in my shoulder and VERY occasionally at the clavicle. Depending on where they put yours you may have pain a little bit longer than other people. (Mine was put in subpectorally, and I walk with crutches, so I use my pecs with each step, which I think causes some of the pain at the clavicle when those muscles are contracting with the crutch use.)

I've gone to a massage therapist who specializes in pre and post op massage therapy and that has helped with the shoulder pain A LOT! I've done lot of walking and some hiking and stair climbing the past week and its all actually feeling pretty good.

I think you're just looking at giving it some more time. There can be a lot more muscle trauma from these surgeries than we think, and nerve endings can act up for a pretty long time, they dont like to be messed with, so just give it the rest that it needs. 

Best of luck to you!  :)


by davey - 2019-06-12 04:04:25

hi, i think red rocks girl has explained it completely but another to assist your concern does help in situations.

When i had mine fitted first, it ached in the area, i had severe bruising all down my left arm, and the pm did initially feel heavy, but as muscles , nerves, tissue rebuild you will be fine, remember this, its there to help you , accept it, its daunting but like i said its to help you get on with your life,

Best wishes...


by Stephen 1957 - 2019-06-12 05:26:23

Would just like to say thanks to red rocks girl and Davey for taking the time to reply to my message I feel more reassured now it not going to hurt forever 

I had pain

by Zackalope - 2019-06-12 22:12:20

I recieved some nerve damage, probably to the left subclavian or in the area during my pacemaker insertion. Most of my left shoulder and upper arm were both numb to sensation, and incredibly painful.

For weeks, I felt like someone had shot me.

For months, it hurt, pretty badly.

After about a year, it would very rarely hurt, but I had numb spots on my arm.

Ten years past, I just have a tiny numb spot on my left arm the size of a dime.

Most people with a pacer report they are fine right away, but I could not imagine having done anything for near a month due to my complication.


Your mileage may vary.


by Stephen 1957 - 2019-06-13 05:24:57

thank you for your feedback on my message zackalope 

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