Pacemaker Wenckebach

It’s been 8 months since my Pacemaker was implanted after an SVT Ablation period that resulted in Pacemaker insertion. I still haven’t been adjusted to where I am comfortable. I have had adjustments nearly every 2-3 weeks since implant. 

I’ve had Pacemaker induced Tachycardia that took awhile to detect because the the switch to prevent it was programmed to on. I was having retrograde beats that set it off. The latest issue is Pacemaker Wenckebach.  I can’t understand exactly what is happening and why.  Can anyone explain? 




by Tiffsterty - 2019-07-12 23:31:21

pacemaker Wenckebach is when you drop random beats. It can be prevented with pacemaker settings. 

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