Functional heart block vs structural heart block

Today my doctor told me that I was having paradoxical responses to PM programming. He was extending my PR interval to reduce the incidence of atrial pacing. I told him I pace at rest, during exercise I go into NSR and stay there for a few minutes when finished. As my heart rate returns to rest I go into heart block. 

He told me this is a functional block not a structural block which makes sense since my heart block is very intermittent. He also mentioned a catacholeme issue may be to blame. Has anyone had this problem worked up?  



sick sinus syndrome?

by cramsay - 2019-07-18 19:01:54


What you describe sounds like Sick Sinus Syndrome to me. But that is what I have so I might not be objective, lol.

My heart block was also intermittent and was also activated post exercise. I am being checked for CAID, but there are many causes of SSS.

There is a high probability of success in controlling this k if it turns out to be SSS) with a pacemaker, though the settings can be a bit tricky to get set properly.

Best of luck, keep me posted!

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