Anyone ever try to obtain a pilots license with an permanent pacemaker? I am interested, and have read many sites on qualifications. There appears to be a waiver for those of us with PM's, but I would like to know if anyone on here has tried to become a pilot, or is a pilot? Thanks.


yes there are

by dwelch - 2019-06-14 01:07:12

yes there are even commercial pilots with pacemakers.


I would start with your doc or call around and see what docs have pilots as patients.  Ask what their patients were required to do.  20 years ago give or take it was something like get an interrogation every month.  But the FAA has had all that time to get a clue...There is a very long list of pilots in worse health than the long list if pacemaker patients that are wanting to be pilots but think they cant.

It also depends on the rating you are going after.  (fixed wing, lighter than air, ...)

And then I assume you work with your local FSDO to get the waiver.  Or maybe your doc can work around hippa and have one of the pilot patients provide you with some advice...

Maybe there are some pilots that have done this in this forum...




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