Feeling dizzy

How long does the dizziness last, not super bad just a woozy, top heavy feeling?



by Tracey_E - 2019-06-17 19:42:57

If the dizziness was coming from a low heart rate, it should have gone away when the pacer was turned on. 

Are you on any meds? Many heart meds cause dizziness when we are first on them. Most pain meds make me loopy.

If you aren't on any meds, I'd give the doctor a call and ask. 


by donr - 2019-06-18 00:46:07

Dizzy or light-headed - a seriooius difference.Light-headed is more dangerous.  Dizzy makes you feel like you are spinning around & staggering.  Usually caused by ear problems in the balance mrchanism.    Light-headed is different - you feel like you are floating, but not necessarily staggering around & fearing falling.  Dizzy, you want to grab something to hole yourself up. 

Ask your Cardio which youhave by asking about your problem.  Light-headed can be a serious cardio problem, preceeding syncope. 

For years, I didn't knoe the difference .  Till I ecperienced light-headed.  I'd had dizzsy many times.  Very scary.  Light-headed scasred me more.    Next AM I had a heart attack.  Fortunately my L-H attack made me go to the ER & I was still there for the HA.  I was a mere minute away from treatment instead of half an hour to an hour.




by Myoder - 2019-06-18 07:52:05

Yes i was grabbing on to things as i walk. I did ask my cardiologist and sinceit was only a week after the pacemaker, they took me off 2 meds and it did make it better. Now i feel top heavy a lot. Last evening all of a sudden i felt really good better than i have in ages, so i hope that was a new beginning.

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