Hello all. its been 11 days since my pacemaker implant, and i had my first appt with the pacemaker clinic at Doc's office. All seems to be going well!  I am being paced 53% of the time. i recieved my Laditude monitor today. i have been off of work since my surgery and go back on Monday. I will be on light duty for another 3 weeks. 



by LondonAndy - 2019-06-22 11:44:13

It is good to post positive messages like this, as people mostly come to the site with a worry about something, and if all they see are problems then they think they will have them too.  My main reasons for visiting is yes, to see what possible issues I should know about, but also just to say: pacemaker, what pacemaker?  Since most of the time I am not aware of it, and I do whatever I want to (but no big magnets like those in the scrap metal yards!). 

I have learnt a lot from some people who are very generous with their experience and giving time to answer people, and feel I know a lot more than I did before.

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