VO2 Max Test

I am scheduled for my second VO2 Max test soon. My first one was around 10 years ago. I recently had an ICD put in and I wondered how this test would affect it. If my heart rate goes too high and it gets paced , do they automatically stop the test?

i had an episode of v-tach awhile ago and I wondered how they prevent something like that happening.




Vo2 max testing

by Selwyn - 2019-06-23 07:50:37

An ICD makes no difference to the test, other than if you did get a rip roaring ventricular tachycardia I expect it may be activated! At least there is some safety as normally the defibrillator paddles are 'greased' up ready for action if needed. Indeed, I would hesitate to have a treadmill test if I did not see the defibrillator ready for action in the room. Certainly, if coronary artery disease is suspected there is some risk in carrying out such a test  ( having had one myself)

Clearly, your pacemaker function will max out at its upper rate limit (about 115 for me), ideally that is where you would want to be for your Vo2 max test. 

The test will be stopped if you get too distressed or have an arrhythmia. You cannot predict with certainty those that will have an arrhythmia and those that will not. As such, there is no prevention for ventricular tachycardia, only risk assessment. 

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