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Hi,  thanks for allowing me to join this group.  I will be getting a pacemaker next week after they complete some additional catherizations.  Any information that you can share with me will be greatly appreciated...This is all strange territory for me and you don't get much general information from busy doctors. Some questions I have are listed below, but any  general information you can share to prepare me will be apprediated.

1.  I have Bradycardia (slow heart rate)   How do I know which type pacemaker I will receive,  just a standard pacemaker or one that also includes a defibulator etc.

2. What minimum and max heart rates do they normally sent them at  when first installed.

3.  Will I feel substancially more energetic and if so will it be immediate?

4. I have emphysema with breathing problems.  Will a pacemaker make an improvement with my breathing

Thanks so much in advance..




by Sgtsemperfi - 2019-06-25 12:57:53

Hi Bill,

I just joined the club last week . I am 85 yr old male and had an ablation and pacemaker done on same day, jun. 10th at Sarasota Mem. Hosp. Fl.

I have bradycardia and I looked up info on pacemaker installed with info given on a temp. I'd card. Looked up model no. On iPad and got all info I needed. 

I started a walking program today to restore stamina and walked 1/2 mile.

recorded BP and will present info to Dr on next visit. Playing everything by ear hoping for the best. Best of luck with your procedure. Dick


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by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-25 15:15:56

!. What kind you get depends on you diagnosis. If you have only bradycardia, you'll get a pacemaker. The pacemaker with defibrillator is for hearts that sometimes go into a sort of quiver, called fibrillation. It's possible to have either bradycardia or fibrillation or both.

2. The factory, or out of the box settings are a base rate of 60 bpm and upper limit of 120 bpm.

3. Possibly. I did. But many, many health factors play into how well you will feel in the short term. Hopefully, over time you will feel much better.

4. Sorry. All a pacemaker does or can do is make the heart beat faster. Every cell in the body, including the cells in the lungs, will work better when it is getting enough circulation, but the pacemaker won't change the emphysema.

Pacemaker Type/Settings

by bobrichards55 - 2019-06-27 14:51:02

Hi Bill,

If you only have bradycardia it will likely be a two lead (I am assuming you have heart block).  If you have other issues you may need the defib type.

Usually they set them at a low of 60 and high of around 120-140.  You can request to change this.  I have mine set at 55 at night and a high of 160 ( I am an active 63 year old).

I noticed no change in my energy when I got mine; but I believe I had intermittent block for a long time and finally it stayed so that I needed the pacemaker.  I was having no energy problems prior while others say their energy improves afterwards.

Don't expect any breathing help from the pacemaker.


Good luck!






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