I had my pacemaker surgery 19 days ago. Last week had flutters and short of breath for 3 days. For 4 days now the flutters are almost gone and my breathing is ok. I feel  too tired , lightheaded.  Is it normal? Going to see the doctor’s assistant  tomorrow. Anyone with the same experiencies? 



me too...

by Rapha - 2019-06-26 18:58:30

I Just had a replacement last Friday, I am feeling lightheaded too. I just feel so weird... but the setting according to the technitian was the same from prior machine... do different manufacters work different? I changed from Sorin to Boston Scientific...

Recovery after 29 days

by vera1542 - 2019-06-26 19:09:21

Thank you Rapha,

saw the physician assistant today , who changed my blood pressure med from Atelonol to Diltiazem, hoping it will stop the flutters that could be caused by the Atelonol . Will be seeing her again and also the technician to check my pacemaker.  I’ll posted the results. Good luck with yours. 

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