Post 4 weeks

Good Morning 

I finally  hit the 4 week mark yesterday. I had my PM check and am pacing 40 percent down 9 percent from first check 24 hours after placement. Some days feel really good and others some symptoms possibly not related.

Occasional headaches but biggest concern tingling feeling in hands and feet. PM tech said it probably was not pm related 

still fighting a little anxiety over this total change for me but could be far worse so trying to learn to embrace it...

Love reading all the wonderful comments 

Have a blessed day!!


pm check

by bionic cookie - 2019-06-27 21:42:15

i am new to all this,in about 2mos,i had cardio dr. did ekg,wore 2 differnet heart monitars,waiting for result,then told i needed a pm and scheduled surgery,one week too..i am 2 weeks out post..i still feel too young for pm..but realize how lucky i was IT WAS GOD! that they found irregular heart rythmn BEFORE it caused any major issues...i have a 3 week check on monday,ive been having some dizziness and headaches alot,my device that is check says that ok..some days i just dont feel good and other days i feel like me this my new normal?

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