Pacing with pain

I had a Biotronik pacemaker implanted on April 18, 2019. 3 weeks later on May 9, 2019 one lead came out and I had to have surgery  again. Ever since then I have a terrible, sharp pain in my back behind the pacemaker. I have seen my cardiologist 2 times since then. They say it is not related to my PM but it is so bad I can't sleep. Has anyone else experienced this. I have Bradycardia and sick sinus syndrome. I am 57.


Help for pain

by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-28 16:23:46


Doctors and laypeople frequently have two different definitions of the same words or phrases. 

When doctors say a muscular/skeletal problem isn't related to the pacemaker, they mean, the way a pacemaker works doesn't cause the pain.

But could the pain be related to the fact that you got a pacemaker? Sure. A rib or a vertebra could have gotten just a tiny bit out of joint when you were moved. Or, trying to keep the incision from hurting you may have slept in one position too much and caused a spasm. Or it might not have anything at all to do with gettng a pacemaker.

Can the cardiologist do anything about it? Probably not. They don't do backs. Welcome to specialization.

Trusting that the cardiologists have ruled out any heart-related cause of the pain, I would first of all try ice on the spot, or alternating heat and ice, coupled with gently stretching both arms through full range of motion. If that's going to help, you'll see improvement within a couple of days.

Or consult an orthopedist. Or chiropractor. Or, if you can find one, a physiotherapist, or someone who specializes in neuro-fascia-muscular release.

Post pacemaker help

by Theknotguy - 2019-06-28 16:42:30

I had a lot of problems after I got my pacemaker.  Mostly because I had undergone CPR and they had broken ribs and collapsed a lung.  Then I spent a long time in the hospital.  When I came out I was all twisted.  

I had some really bad neck muscle spasms on the same side as my pacemaker.  Mostly due to how I had to lay in the hospital bed while my ribs healed enough.  Then there was the trauma from the broken ribs and general pain from being pounded on.  Muscular wise I was a mess.  

I had gone to a licensed massage therapist.  As soon as I could I went back to the therapist.  We had a discussion about working on a person with a pacemaker and she took some additional training to make sure she wouldn't cause a problem.  

It took quite a while because there was so much trauma.  The final problem was caused by some scar tissue where they had put in the chest tube.  But now I'm pain free.  

If you do think about using a massage therapist, you'll want to work with a licensed massage therapist.  Some states allow people to do massage therapy without having a license and going through the training and you don't want that kind of therapist.  Also have a discussion with the therapist before you start to make sure they don't work in the area around your pacemaker.  

I hope you can get some relief soon.

back pain

by SamanthaS - 2019-07-01 14:19:25

Do you also have any breathing/chest pain.  If yes, get an ECHO and have them check out pericarditis.  I went for a month with this and finally got an MRI which finally diagnosed that and got meds for it.  But it could also be muscular or a damaged nerve thing.  PT can help as well.  Good luck.

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