Pacemakers and sore legs and feet

I don't know if this is the section that I read it in,  but it's true!  I've had my PM for 3 months and have had such sore legs and feet.  Called my Dr and told her about problem for 4 weeks. I never had pain in legs!  She finally agreed to reset PM to single mode. (I was dual paced)  Yes, I had dizziness, but my legs were back to normal. Don't let them tell you it's not the PM. 



When it's the pacemaker...

by Gotrhythm - 2019-06-29 15:20:50

It's important to make a distinction between a pacemaker malfunctioning--very rare--and a pacemaker settings that are not ideal for you--not unusual at all.

People's hearts and physiology can react to different settings in ways that aren't completely predictable, because no two people are exactly the same. That means there's a certain amount of guesswork when it comes to settings. 

It behooves us to stay in contact with the doctor and be proactive about suggesting the need for settings changes.

Glad you figured out what was needed.

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