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I've sorta kinda posted a thingy similair to this in the past & here goes: I had an A-V Node ablation in 2012 preceeded by a four month period when the TCAI Ep who was treating me offerred no treatment for my Tachy condition. I was rewarded with a tachycardia induced cardiomyapathy. Current EP replaced the original PM with a PM/ICD unit in Jan '15. Year later, a heart failure Spec. performed a PM optimization, and I felt fine. My LVEF was at 20%. Then late 2018 rolled around. I performed well on a treadmill stress test in mid-Nov.  On Nov 20, PM was replaced due to low battery.  In Dec 2018, I had these exciting events - one after another:  diverticulitis, then a C-Diff infection followed by a pneumonia event that put me in the Hosp. for 3 days. Afterward, I wasn't the same - no way I could repeat that treadmill stress test at the same level.  I whined and had a Doc. perform a PM optimization where he claimed a LVEF increase of at least 15% to the 35% mark. Did I feel better? Nope. So, does the term PM optimization mean the PM function(s) were checked and adjusted with the help of a sonographer and device nurse?  The other variables were those three illnesses - did they cause more lasting issues to my health? - No Doc has ever said yea or nay. .............. Whatcha think?  I plan on visiting Minnesota's Mayo Clinics cardiology and electrophysiology group in Sept. to get their $0.02




by Selwyn - 2019-07-02 11:55:30

Sorry to hear of your poor health. It is important to look forwards as the past cannot be changed.

Diverticulitis, although nasty on occasions, should not make much difference to your fitness levels. It may be worth getting your blood levels checked for anaemia. 

Getting over pneumonia is more tricky. It can take quite a long time for the lungs to re-expand and for the lung to repair itself. Sometimes there is permanent scarring. Lung function may then be reduced.  Fitness itself rapidly declines with bed rest ( Hence, older folk encouraged to 'sit out') . I would not be too upset about the treadmill test given the circumstances.

All studies show that exercise on a regular basis helps keep the cardiac output in good shape. Here in the UK we have cardiac rehabilitation centres, supervised by a specialist nurse, and equipped with monitoring and resuscitation gear. I would advise a period of such rehab. 

I have a cardiomyopathy. Regular echocardiograms are a good way of assessing function, and imaging of how the heart is getting on. I am having one in 2 weeks time. You should have one at least every year I think. 

Hope this helps - enjoy the cardiac rehab. exercise and insist on it. In this way you should not only get your fitness back, but be even fitter in the future.

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