ongoing pain after infection old site

Hi, I have had a pacemaker for 11 years and am on my 4th device. I developed a very nasty and serious pocket infection 18mths ago and had to have my device and leads removed. It was then re located to the other side of my chest. I have had no issues with the side where it is now located it healed well. However the site of the old device (this pocket had been operated on 5 times once was a revision) has caused me shocking pain ever since. The pain radiates directly behind into top shoulder blade and also down the arm. I also have weakness in that arm. I had waited quite a while to allow healing as had been told could take up to a year but now am at my wits end. Ive seen a neurologist recently who has conducted some nerve conduction studies that have showed reduced function but not huge amount. Not sure if anyone  had anything similar and what type of specialist I need to see next? Ive done all the physio, natural medicine, osteo, massage, chiro etc

Thanks in advance



Not really about pacemaker surgery

by Gotrhythm - 2019-07-07 16:16:29

I had constant pain in my arm and hand subsequent to surgery for a broken wrist. I was also aware that my hand didn't "look right" or work right, even though with efffort I was able to perform all the usual function exercises. The diagnosis was a trapped nerve.

 I was told the problem would not get better, and most likely would get worse. The only solution was surgery to free the nerve.

I went to a hand surgeon for the surgery.

Don't know if this helps. All I can tell you is my experience.

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