Left ventrical noncompression symdrome

OOHHH realy scarry report from cardiologist but I am really not sure what it means for my health and welfare. The report said it transverses the left ventrical cavity. Seems like there are two shrinky-dink spots in my heart wall that are no longer living. I believe my heart is committing suicide without my permission. He seems to think this is what is causing my rythum problems. Does anyone know what this means? He is suggesting I go to Mayo clinic in Minn. for possible ablation. I am really panicked but not sure why. Everything I read it says I was born with it but he said my heart is just dying on it's own, not as a result of heart attach. Help please. I tried sotolol and that didn't work and my heart is jumping around and I can't seem to stay on my feet longer than 10 minutes. My pumping rate is still 55%. Somebody know what going on. He just kept looking at his papers and I was frozen with fear to make much progress in explanation.
Help me if you can, please Thank-you
Dixie from Missouri


to Dixie from Mo

by maestro - 2007-04-28 05:04:36


You should not live with such fear. Perhaps you might confide your fears in a call to his physician's assistant or nurse.

When it is a cardiac issue (esp one we don't understand) panic is a normal response. Do as much research as you can by "googling" terms he used.

Consider joining the afibsupport@yahoogroups.com
group. We are very supportive and can help guide you in understanding arrhythmias. Members can help explain what ablation is and question why you would wish "dead spots" ablated.

You are not alone. Keep trying to do your research and networking. It will assuage your fears and help you communicate better with physicians.

a fellow Missourian

by randrews - 2007-04-28 08:04:06

Hi Dixie,
I'm not really familier with your illiness but I know that fear has been the toughest aspect of all the things I've dealt with. Talk about it with people you trust, pray and talk about it here. Our minds need the facts but our emotions need people.
I'll be praying for you,

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