Pm leads

I am 1 month post pm surgery and yesterday I went to a physical therapist and tried to pop my upper I had to do a bit of twisting and I’m pretty sure my leads are in between my device and my collarbone and it is uncomfortable to say the least. I did have some pain but has anyone else had something like this??



by Benjijohn - 2019-07-07 12:41:17

I am on my second device and I always had this issue. It causes irritation and some pain time to time especially with certain sleeping positions etc.  But I was mostly worried about the durabilty of the leads, as they face more direct force

My doctors told me that this was normal and that I should stop worrying and try to live with the extra discomfort and pain. The doctors do not tend to do repositioning surgeries as they are more worried about the infection risk

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