Stabbing pains

Hello everyone so I’m very new to all this I am 2 weeks post op having a icd/Pacemaker insertion and was wondering has anyone ever had a hematoma at there incision site? And how long were they in pain for not just uncomfortable bit actually in pain? And one more question has anyone had stabbing pain in there neck and above the incision site? I’m probably just being paranoid but I don’t see my EP until later this week and it’s making me nervous.


new pain 11 days post

by cramsay - 2019-07-18 18:46:06

Hi, I'm not sure what is normal, but I'm having new pain (0 yesterday, 10 today) 11 days after implantation.

My surgery was a bit different in that this is my 4th pacemaker and second set of leads (no extraction) and the pacemaker needs to be set behind the muscle in my chest, not just behind the skin. I also suffered a near perforation after the implant and had to have a follow up surgery to do lead revision.

Still, I'm surprised to have my pain, which was lessening, spike to a 10 this far out from that second surgery.

I hope your pain is better soon. Please keep me posted.


checking in on oain

by Uelrindru - 2019-07-22 05:58:15

I would suggest calling your EP or cardiologist office and talking to someone about the pain just to be on the safe side, infections happen and are bad so you always want to rule that out, I had one and my site swelled to the size of a soft ball but after it was caught a course of antibiotics cleared it right up.

Good luck!

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