I have a C.A.T. in left ventricle

No, not a kitty--Have spent the last week at Mayo Clinic in Mn. because of increased number of shocks from ICD. I have had the device since 1994 and only had a few shocks in the beginning but have had 4 since the first of the year.
I was scheduled for a heart ablation last Tues. By the third test on Monday I was beginning to draw a crowd. Finally protested at the number of times they repeated the echogram and was informed I had a "forgien object" in my heart.
It turns out I have a Calcified Amorphous Tumor growing on the septal side of left ventricle. WWHHAATTTT????? This is what has been causing my erratic heart rythum all of these years. I am the 14th case discovered in the world and lucky me-the first once that they can not operate on because they may tear a hole in the septal wall. I don't know what it is and they can't fix it. I guess they have sent me home to die.
I am discouraged. I want to live but not if I keep getting shocked.................Whining over. Just wanted all you wired folks to know what you already know-our bodies betray us in the strangest ways. It is not cancer-just calcium that keeps piling up in the left ventricle filling up the space and sending the natural signals into the cold stone heart of mine. New meaning to the term:
Still smiling and booked a flight to lake tahoe for Sept. 22 going to LIVE WHILE I AM ALIVE.
Jeannine from Missouri, USA


Calcified Amorphous Tumor

by CathrynB - 2007-08-29 01:08:41

My goodness Jeannine, your posting is so extraordinary, both in it's content and your apparent accepting and get-on-with-my-life attitude, I hardly know what to say. You're remarkable, is what comes to mind. What do they tell you to expect in the way of future shocks, treatments, etc? You are absolutely on the right track, though -- going to one of the premier hospitals in the country, booking that trip to Lake Tahoe (gorgeous -- you'll love it!) and smiling.
People get kidney stones from calcification -- your posting makes me wonder if any treatments to break up those are applied to calcification in the heart? Probably a ridiculous thought. But don't they break up kidney stones with laser or ultrasound or something? Suppose doing that in your heart would not be a good thing.
Anyway, thank you for sharing your amazing story, please know you are much in the thoughts of many people on this site. I hope you have a wonderful trip, that your C.A.T. miraculously breaks up and disappears, or they figure out how to treat it, or something. Please keep us posted on how you're doing and what you learn next.
Take care, Cathryn


by jessie - 2007-08-29 02:08:32

you know what you do rock! you have a lot of courage and you are the type of person i so admire. not a whiner and complainer over and over again. i have never been to tahoe but my husband did years ago for the firm lol lol and he said it was beautiful. he brought at the time our son some skis which he really liked.that was many years ago. please let us know how you are doing jessie

Always wanted to snow ski

by mo-dixie - 2007-08-29 02:08:34

Guess it is too soon for snow but they do have parasailing. I am also a breast cancer survivor with lymphedema on BC side and a botched shoulder surgery on the other side from workplace accident. I so closely resemble a penquin in every way.......Yes, flying penquins if they will let me on one of those wingy thingies,


by Silversmith - 2007-08-29 11:08:05

Hello Jeannine,

I don’t think anyone can ever deny that you have had plenty of opportunities to leave this old world. But, God, in His great wisdom chose to have you stay with us. To me that says He must have more big plans for you in the future. Or it could be that He is using you as a shining example of what perseverance and determination can do. Certainly, you are an inspiration to many of us.

Good luck and I wish you the best.


Hello Jeannine ;-)

by pacergirl - 2007-08-29 11:08:35

Just wanted to encourage you to follow your dreams. I had an awakening a few years back when people kept coming into my hosp. room and explaining that should be dead! I'm not as you can see. Live your life as best you can with the time you have. I have not regretted a minute of my life since "I" took control. I do as I wish. I do consider others, but I now do everything because I want to. Not because others think I should sit and be careful. My latest goal is to learn to ride a horse and then go on a trail ride! I am now enjoying riding lessons at 53! I live in Wichita, Kansas so there are a lot of cowboys and horses!!!! yee haw!!! he he
Best of luck to you, glad to know you are in my neighborhood.

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