1 day post insertion

The research I did before I had my pacemaker did not prepare me.  My pacemaker was put in yesterday.  I am shocked at how my scar looks.   Is there a way to post a pic on this forum so someone can tell me if this looks normal? 



Yes there is -

by MartyP - 2019-07-09 13:42:03

Go the Members Only tab at the top of the page - click that and go to Member Gallary - you should be able to post it there.

Your gallery

by crustyg - 2019-07-09 13:44:39

I've not used it before now, but I think 'My Gallery' will allow you to do exactly what you want.

Remember that all surgical scars look much worse immediately after creation than a week or so later - unless you're a keloid former.

I've put a couple of pictures on my gallery.


by Tracey_E - 2019-07-09 13:48:11

You don't have a scar yet, you have a fresh incision. Don't judge it just yet. It takes a couple of months to look better,  a year or more to look as good as it's going to get. Once it's fully closed, keep it out of the sun and moisturize with something natural like cocoa butter, aloe or vitamin e ointment. 


by yeshua - 2019-07-09 15:28:07

I am a little over a month out and my GP took all of my remaining steri-strips out today, and my incision looks great and all healed. you can hardly see the incision! you should have all your strips removed post 30days at the latest ?  dont shower for at least 7 days ,do not force removal of the streri's, dont scrub the area when bathing/showering, do not apply creams etc... on the inicsion. Pat the area dry. sometimes showering will help with the strips falling off, but if not have your Doc remove them. Before removal it looked bad still, but after as i said the incision is bearly visible! I am still on light duty for at least another 2 weeks and getting some PT now to help with range of motion and strength, as I work in the OR and lift patients and heavy items etc...

incision site

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-07-09 20:00:19

My surgeon used the skin glue for my incision so I didn't have any sutures or steri-strips, etc.  The first time the product he used was purpleish (like some of the kid's Elmers glue sticks - lol) and I didn't know that so I thought it was bruising. I could shower right away with it, I always just let it air dry. After about 2 weeks the edges started coming up and off so it eventually comes off on its own. The second time (I had to have a pocket revision 3 months in after the inital implant) the glue was clear. You could see some of the dried blood along the incision under the glue but again the glue eventually comes off on its own. It didn't look "great" until it all came off, but didnt look horrible either. By the time it was all off and I just had the scar, it looked great. So yeah, give it some time. I'm guessing you'll be pleasantly surprised how good it looks in the end.  :)

And like Tracy mentioned, after a few weeks once its fully closed you can use a scar cream on it. I use bioCorneum plus SPF 30. I used it years ago on scars from a different surgery and was REALLY happy with the results (and I like that it has the SPF in it already). I've gotten mine at a doctors office but next time will get it off Amazon where it's a lot less expensive.

Things aren't great - seek medical help.

by crustyg - 2019-07-10 05:22:39

Your wound looks as though it already has an infection, and the skin opposition isn't great.

I would seek medical attention immediately - no amount of wishing is going to make that look neat and tidy in 3 months time.

Doing nothing risks the pocket becoming infected - right now it appears to be the skin, but if you're unlucky any surface infection can get down to the deeper layers and then you're in a world of trouble.

never hurts to get it checked......

by jessie - 2019-07-10 05:28:41

you will feel physchologically better being checked out. oyur worries maybe for notand youmay be healing before your very eyes eyes. if not you can rest assured you are getting to it right away. good luck and god bless you. its not nice to feel all alone.w e have all been there...jessie

Road Map of scars

by mshlz4x4 - 2019-08-21 18:39:16

I had cancer as a kid and have a plethora of scars you can read as if it was a road map on my little 5'1 average body.

But my recent (July 30, 2019) pacemaker scar is the ugliest I've had thus far. I am hoping it will heal differently. I've had stitches, staples, and now super glue - I sure hope it heals better.


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