Newbie here PM install 4 days ago

Hi, all! Thought I would introduce myself.

I am 71 years old who started with afib, found I also had bradycardia and that my heart would stop for three second intervals from time to time.  Once that whole picture came to light my doctor scheduled me for a PM and here I am.

It has been an interesting experience thus far. Went into short, bouts of afib the day after surgery which sent me back to the ER, but all checked out fine net net. it returned to normal SR and tests were fine.

Looking to learn and share.





by yeshua - 2019-07-09 16:19:34

Glad to hear all is fine with you!!  those leads that they put in have a tendency to tickle the heart a little so that may have happened to you. I had some bouts of arrythmia as well but 1 month out things are starting to calm down. I think you will find that its a common accurance after implant some people have pvc's, pac's etc... but hang in there!!! glad your doing fine!!!

three seconds

by AgentX86 - 2019-07-10 16:01:30

Three second pauses aren't considered extremely serious, nor is Bradycardia, by itself. The fact that you're feeling 100% better after the PM implant says it all, though. Your new pacemaker probably won't do anything for Afib, though. You may still have that demon to exorcise.

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