Thoracic outlet syndrome

Has anyone experienced "thoracic outlet syndrome" as a result of or possible pressure from their pacemaker or ICD?
I am now experiencing this and the pain mimics a heart attack or severe angina.
Pain in the armpit, d9own left arm, across the chest and back of the throat.


I was rushed to the hospital twice in extreme pain only to discover that the pain was not cardiac related.



by SamanthaS - 2019-07-15 13:01:00

I've had this syndrome for years and was only correctly diagnosed because my acupuncturist recognized it and urged me to see a vascular surgeon.  Acupunture is the best way to treat this, however, I was treated before I got the pacemaker.  Many of the points are located too close to the pocket to insert, although the opposite side can be fully accessed as well as many of the shoulder and upper arm points on the pocket side.  Learn to sleep on your back, side-sleeping makes it worse.  Work on improving your upper back strength to improve posture and keep the shoulders back and down - computer work and sitting makes you more likely to round the shoulders - which makes it worse.  The pacemaker pressure will affect it adversely, but as the months tick by, that will improve as you are able to stretch a bit more.  You can try PT as well, which I did concurrently with the acupuncture, but ultimately, the needles gave/give me the most relief.  It absoluately was a very painful process after I thought I had it licked beforeI got the pacemaker Good luck.

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