Had pacemaker installation last Wednesday.  Before this I was experiencing fitigue.  Since installation I continue with fitigue, with a heart rate range of 60 to 133.   Is this normal?  Heart rate stays in the 60 range and suddenly it goes up to  130.  



Give things time to settle down

by Gotrhythm - 2019-07-15 14:02:39

I think you might be expecting too much, too soon.

First of all, you've had your pacemaker less than a week. Even I, who felt better instantly, found that I tired easily, and it took a couple of months and a stint in cardiac rehab to get my strength and stamina back.

You say your heartrate ranges between 60-133 and ask if that's normal. Yes, that is the very definition of normal. Heartrake normally varies. Going up to 130 suddenly? That's not a sign of the pacemaker malfunctioning. It could be a lot of things, but as long as it comes back down, no cause for alarm.

Please remember you are still recovering from the surgery and your heart is still getting used to being paced. Your mind is coming to grips with living with a pacemaker--something you have never, ever done before. Lots of adjustments all the way around. Feeling better physically and mentally is going to take time.

For now, you only need to keep an eye on the wound to see that it's healing cleanly and don't try to keep your shoulder or left arm still. 

Pacemakers are wonderfully, amazingly trustworthy. They don't break. They don't run wild. They don't stop without warning. If you must take your pulse, then be sure to notice that it never goes below 60. That's your pacemaker at work. Smile.

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